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Below is a selection of feedback from owners of Waghorn acoustic guitars.

If you own a Waghorn acoustic and would like to submit a testimonial of your own, please email your feedback to stating your name, the serial number and brief description of the guitar.

OM in Indian Rosewood

2015 - No. 88

Hi Tom,

What a fantastic experience! From designing guitar to its completion the Waghorn guys have been exceptional. The guitar itself handles fingerpicking better than any other high end guitar I’ve tried, but also strums like a dream with a much bigger sound than its body size belies. Deep lows and sweet highs it’s dream to hear.

Playability is superb and the neck is gorgeous, as is the fit and finish of the whole guitar. If I could only have one guitar this would be it, but when you consider that price wise Toms guitars are in Taylor/Martin price range id be damn tempted to get another as well (maybe a slope shouldered dread).

Thanks again to the Waghorn team.

James T.

OM in English Walnut

2014 - No. 87

I couldn't wish for somebody who is nicer, more supportive and more patient than Tom and Dave. Thank you so much! The guitar is a dream come true for me. Due to Tom's superb craftsmanship it looks, plays and sounds even better than I could imagine. The rich, responsive and balanced tone is just fantastic. I can't be grateful enough. What a wonderful instrument!

Ben K.

Hydra in Claro Walnut

2014 - No. 86

Hi Tom,

The guitar you made for me is amazing Tom. Sat down for my first proper play tonight and it's just genius all the way up the neck. The tonal balance is perfect and the action is a dream. Can't thank you enough. A bargain at twice the price! Thanks - Martin.

Martin H.

RS Dreadnought in Indian Rosewood

2013 - No. 82

Hi Tom,

Loving the guitar, many thanks! Recorded some bits today with it, it was absolutely amazing. Beautiful rich tone, wherever I put the mic. I never got a sound anywhere like it before recording acoustic guitar, fantastic!

Will S.

Waghorn 000 style in Cocobolo with cutaway

2012 - No. 76

Hi Tom,

Help - I can't put it down! Really solid and so playable, and such a beautiful tone - it's exactly what I hoped for and then some! Absolutely delighted. I was supposed to be somewhere two hours ago, but just can't part with 76. Thanks again, you're a genius!

Andrew P.

Waghorn Mini-Jumbo in Flamed Maple

2012 - No. 75


One day I will tell you how good this guitar is, but for now I am speechless!


Thought it about time I gave you my thoughts...

I have been comparing No. 75 with a few guitars I have, namely a Martin D28 Marquis and a Gibson J-185 Custom Shop Elite. Now although the Martin is a different animal altogether and rather a boomy loud guitar, The Gibson is almost identical apart from the Mahogany Neck. Well I must say that not only does No. 75 knock them both for six, it has qualities that both have in spades, it also has voice all of its own. Compared to the Martin its not quite as loud but nearly, and that is saying something as the Martin is a bit of a canon (Its a Marquis after all). However its when you compare it to the more comparable Gibson that you really get the difference. It has every thing the Gibson has and more, the sound is similar, however the Gibson seems a little tinny compared, lacking volume and an essential bass quality that No. 75 shares with the Martin. In essence the Waghorn is far more rounded, the bass is tempered and bearable (Not boomy when played loud) the mids spring out with clarity and at the high end it just sings. This is a truly balanced and beautifully sounding guitar.. As for playability well I just can't put it down and it hasn't been in the case since I picked it up..

Truly the best guitar I have ever played or heard..!

In all sincerity, I have to say it was worth the wait and I am glad I took the plunge. I would urge anyone to do the same. Get your deposit down and start saving to day, it will be worth it..

Oh and did I mention that its the best looking/finished guitar I have ever seen.. well I would say that but then so has everyone who has seen and or/played it.. The neck in particular is stunning.

Thanks again Tom.

Steve H.

Waghorn J45 style 12-String in Rosewood

2011 - No. 73

Hi Tom,

Just a quick line to say how much I am in love with my new Waghorn 12-string acoustic - playing it is simply a magical experience. Everything falls easily to hand and playing it is beginning to feel totally 'natural', as if I've been playing this guitar all my life. And the tone from it is totally awesome - never heard anything like it. I'm beginning to think that, since playing a Waghorn guitar is so amazing, why play anything else?

Many thanks and best wishes.

Paul S.

Waghorn Hydra in Walnut with Bear Claw Spruce

2011 - No. 70

I LOVE your guitar. It is smaller than all my other guitars but it is as loud. I am still playing it in at the moment but it has a strong full tone already. It is easy to play and it is soooo beautiful to look at. I could've not wished for a better more versatile guitar.

It is quickly becoming my favourite :-)

Andi Neate

Waghorn Hydra in Maple

2006 - No. 46

Tom's guitars are works of art. The day my beautiful maple acoustic guitar was finished, it sounded fantastic - and like all the best instruments, it continues to open up and get better the more it's played. It produces remarkable volume for such a small-bodied guitar, and in the studio it's a dream. You can put a microphone almost anywhere near it and the tone is always focused and rich - there seems to be no loss of tone however gently it's played. The attention to detail is stunning despite some of my ridiculous requests - my main guitar is an old Gibson 335, so Tom kindly made the neck so it feels just like it! The inlays are just beautiful too - however good I imagined this guitar would turn out, everything about it exceeded my expectations.

I wouldn't take any of my guitars anywhere else now for set-ups, re-frets or repairs. The team at Waghorn Guitars are just the best - these guys really care about your instruments, and it shows in the work they produce.

Thanks to everyone there for the best service anyone could wish for.

Kit Morgan

Waghorn Hydra in Curly Maple with cutaway

2001 - No. 16

It was a joy to choose each piece of timber and select the hardware, Tom at that time was producing Mandolins for a well known company and was developing his guitar business, I played his stock model and thought, wow what a lovely sound and feel.

I only play for my own pleasure but decided I must have one of these, so a deposit was paid and the selection began, after the guitar was started I called in every couple of weeks to see and photograph the progress - probably got on Tom's nerves - until the day the finished article was seen and played. It was drop dead gorgeous.

It has a beautiful bright sound, a lovely low action and still looks superb.

Anyone looking for a superb instrument, look no further than Waghorn Guitars, super people and wonderful guitars.

Mike Bartlett

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