Waghorn Electric
Every Waghorn custom guitar is built from only the best quality tonewoods and each is genuinely handcrafted with the greatest care and attention to detail.

Models / Body Shapes

Kronos We offer several original body and headstock designs as well as our own variants of a few classics due to popular demand. We build every guitar by hand, not CNC - so creating a unique design or even modifying an existing design to meet your exact requirements is easy. We can work with you to design and build your perfect guitar, both tonally and aesthetically.

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Neck-through We build Through-Neck, Set-Neck and Bolt-On neck guitars; with either a solid, chambered or semi-hollow body to achieve the tone, sustain and as much effortless upper fret access as you require. Every neck is made from multi-piece, quarter-sawn timbers, and with volutes at the headstock for strength and stability. All necks are fitted with two-way truss rods.

Range & Scale Length

Range We build six strings, seven strings, eight strings and beyond, with your choice of scale length including custom and multi-scale (fanned fret) instruments. If you have a specific tuning in mind and are unsure what the best options are you can contact us to discuss the technical and ergonomic aspects of different scale lengths and resulting string tensions.


Woods Choose body, neck and decorative tonewoods ranging from Alder to Ziracote. We are always happy to discuss the different tonal properties, strengths, weights, aesthetics, availability and suitability of different woods for application in your Waghorn custom build.


Hardware Choose high quality guitar hardware from companies such as Schaller, Gotoh, ABM, ETS, Floyd Rose, Kahler, Hipshot, Graphtech, Sperzel - to name the most popular. The specific hardware available of course varies by manufacturer from year to year so for more information get in contact with us or see individual manufacturer websites. We do not use cheap substandard hardware from the Far East.

Pickups & Electronics

Pickups Pickups from companies such as Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, EMG, Lace, Lundgren, Nordstrand and Bare Knuckle (as well as others) are widely available to suit your tone and style. Switching and wiring options of course depend largely on the pickups and controls that you choose but we are able to discuss the tones or switching patterns you hope to achieve and if it's possible - we can do it. We can also implement midi and piezo systems from companies such as Roland and Graphtech.

Neck Profiling

Neck Profile It's your guitar so we make the neck the way you want it, providing there are no limitations due to the chosen hardware (nut and bridge width, spacing and radii can dictate certain measurements). We can make a neck as thick or thin as you want it, providing it does not compromise the quality and longevity of the instrument. The neck shape (profile) is up to you.

Custom Inlay

Whether you want a full custom fingerboard inlay, a smaller personalised design at the 12th fret - or perhaps something a little more understated, we offer very competitively priced custom fingerboard inlay work as an optional extra for your custom build. We are able to work from your original sketches or design something from scratch based on your design brief. Contact us for details.

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Finish Options

Finish We offer two main clear coat finish options; Gloss and Flat Satin. Both are essentially the same finish, but the Gloss will typically receive more coats and undergo more sanding before polishing to a high mirror gloss. We also offer an 'Open Pore' Satin which preserves the texture of wood grain. Our necks are finished in Flat Satin as standard for a super fast feel, but Gloss is an option if you wish. We can also produce oil finishes depending on the hardness of the woods used.

Take a look at our electric guitar gallery to see previous examples of natural, dyed, solid colours as well as different combinations that we have produced in the past.

Prices & Ordering

Pricing Waghorn electric guitars start at £1500.00 GBP for bolt-on, £1600.00 for Set-neck construction (our modern or traditional styles) and £1700.00 GBP for neck-through. As you might expect, a simpler build will cost less than a more complicated build with lots of additional electronics or detailed inlays. For a more detailed quote for your ideal custom guitar specification complete a Electric Guitar Custom Quote Form or call +44(0)117 927 2111.

We ship worldwide. See our Ordering page for more information.

Waghorn Electric Guitar Models 

Click on the models below to see design options and previous examples. The headstocks shown are the signature headstock design for each body shape, but can be swapped for another of our headstock designs (click the image on the left) if you prefer. All of our non-symmetrical designs available in Standard or Reversed format, and headless construction is also available. All of our designs are available as 6, 7 or 8 string and beyond (depending on suitable quality hardware). Talk to us to discuss your ideas!

Waghorn Corax Electric Guitar Waghorn Double Cut Electric Guitar Waghorn Deity Electric Guitar Waghorn Ion / Ion-w Electric Guitar Waghorn Kronos Electric Guitar Waghorn Sauria Electric Guitar Waghorn Sauria S Electric Guitar Waghorn Sauria J Electric Guitar
Waghorn T-Rex Electric Guitar Waghorn Quantum V Electric Guitar

Alex Hutchings Series 

Waghorn AH6 Electric Guitar Waghorn AH8 Electric Guitar


Hiscox Hiscox Cases are our guitar case of choice (where possible - body shape depending!). They are strong, durable, thermally insulated, made in the UK and amazing value.

For more information including a video on their unique construction visit their website.

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